The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Didn't Name Baby Boy Tatum for 8 Months

The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Didn't Name Baby Boy Tatum for 8 Months

The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Didn't Name Baby Boy Tatum for 8 Months

The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Didn't Name Baby Boy Tatum for 8 Months

Khloe Kardashian shared that it took her almost eight months to name son Tatum and revealed the nicknames she used before she settled on the now-21-month-old's moniker.

When it came to finding the right name for son Tatum Thompson, Khloe Kardashian needed to take her time.

The Kardashians star revealed it took her quite a while to name her and ex Tristan Thompson's now-21-month-old, recalling how she spent a lot of time testing out names and nicknames before settling on Tatum.

"I would try different names at first, but none of them I liked," Khloe shared on the May 7 episode of the SHE MD podcast. "But we would always call him baby or I call him Papa all the time."

She added, "I actually didn't legally name Tatum, I think maybe for eight months. It was long time. And I'm embarrassed to say that."

The 39-year-old chalked up her struggle to finding his name to he fact that Tatum was born via a surrogate as she remembered a very different experience while she was pregnant with her daughter True, 5.

"It's interesting," Khloe said, "because I wasn't carrying him, I didn't really feel anything."

"With True, I could feel things about her," she continued, "or when I would pray at night, I would pray and we would have our conversations, and I don't know, I just felt True's spirit."

But as the Good Americans founder explained, she found herself detached from the pregnancy—not only because she was busy with True—but also to help protect her surrogate and their family's privacy.

"I wasn't at a ton of the doctor's appointments while my surrogate was pregnant," she said, "to protect her privacy. I didn't want paparazzi finding out and all those things. I would always be on FaceTime."

Looking back, the first time she met Tatum in the hospital was nerve-racking.

"In my face," she recalled, "it's like I was a deer in headlights. I was so scared. I felt like, 'I can't believe this is real.'"

That feeling is long gone these days as Khloe is now "obsessed" with her little boy. But one more thing she needed to clear up? Making sure Tristan was actually Tatum's dad as the reality star admitted she was a little bit rattled at how the toddler bears a truly striking resemblance to her brother Rob Kardashian.

"My son looks just like my brother," she joked. "Because he was an IVF baby or a surrogate baby, I was like, 'Rob, have you ever donated sperm somewhere?'"

To see just how obsessed Khloe is with both of her children, keep reading for their cutest family moments.

Selfie With Mom Khloe Kardashian shared this pic of herself with daughter True Thompson and son Tatum Thompson in August 2023.

"Tristan Jr" & "Rob Jr" "I just can't handle it!!!!! You with Tristan Jr & Rob Jr," Kim Kardashian commented, to which Khloe responded, "@kimkardashian facts!!! Lol"